The Cocktails & Chemo Foundation is dedicated to caregivers. Our mission is to love the heck out of the people around us who are going through a hard time. When someone gets sick it effects the entire family and our goal is to create a safe and supportive place for the people who are taking care of someone they love.The Foundation was started when Amanda Clark became a widow at 30 years old after watching her husband, Joe, face all of the challenges that come with cancer. Amanda was taking care of her husband and their newborn daughter and quickly realized how much she needed help and to not feel so alone.

The Foundation sends care packages to caregivers all across the country, they sponsor “Stay Glam” nights at salons welcoming loved ones in for a night of pampering, and their greatest accomplishment is giving grants to caregivers who are forced to leave their jobs to care for a sick loved one.

A caregiver can be a spouse, parent, brother or sister who is caring or has cared for someone who is struggling with a long term illness.

Our goal isn’t to cure cancer, but instead to give hope and a little boost to the people who need it the most.

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