Joe always made the best dirty martinis— extra blue cheese olives.

When he was diagnosed with colon cancer two days before his 28th birthday and two months before our wedding, cocktails were traded for chemotherapy.

I’m Amanda and cancer took the love of my life on November 16, 2014.

It isn’t all a sad story, in fact, I’d say it’s the greatest love story ever told.

We’ve documented our whole journey from diagnosis to death to my new life as a widow raising our beautiful daughter Mira Joey.

The blog started out as an idea to give family and friend’s updates on Joe, then maybe a way to inspire other people going through cancer, but ultimately, it turned into writing therapy for both us.

Now I hope to help other young families dealing with this disease while trying to keep my promise to Joe to keep going.

The Cocktails and Chemo Foundation’s mission is to create a support network for the often forgotten caregivers of cancer patients by providing one-of-a-kind care packages.

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