“I see you.” 

At the core of who we are as humans we have a longing to be seen, to feel like we matter, to know we’re truly standing here in this thing called life. It’s in the hard, lonely, rock bottom times when this feeling can swallow you up to the point you question your own existence. Shuffling around taking care of everyone around you, managing medications and appointments, double checking packed bags and clean clothes.

Does anyone see me? 

When my little world started to crumble, I’d scroll through my social media feeds and wonder if it’d finally happened— I was invisible. In pain, loss, sickness, loneliness and heartache the world around us doesn’t stop. It can be isolating and cold. It’s just then that a simple touch, call, acknowledge can bring you back to reality.

It’s that basic feeling that started Cocktails & Chemo— a place to not feel so alone, to teach our friends how to support in the tough times and  create a village for the voiceless.

Every week we receive dozens of nominations for caregivers from all across the country. Family and friends at a loss of how to help. It can feel scary, intrusive, and hard to know your place. That’s why we’re launching #CheersToYou. A chance to tell the person you love— I SEE YOU. 

For $15 you can send a custom Cocktails & Chemo wine tumbler to your person. A mother who is struggling, a friend who you admire, a caregiver, a young widow, or hey, maybe even a cheers for yourself. Each package will come with a letter letting that person know someone is thinking of them and we are so proud of all they do. 

It’s a dual gift-  sending something really special and a portion of each sale will go directly to The Cocktails & Chemo Foundation. 




It’s a simple gesture that will mean so much.

To my sweet friend celebrating her wedding anniversary not sure if this will be their last together…. #CheersToYou.

To the woman taking family pictures of her son holding a glass orb made up of his daddy’s ashes….. #CheersToYou.

To my neighbor in remission from breast cancer who is on a mission to spread positivity and love….#CheersToYou.

To my mother-in-law who lost her husband in 2012 and son in 2014 and gets up every day….#CheersToYou

To my widow sisters navigating this new life and giving their all to be it all for their kids….#CheersToYou.

Cheers to you my loves, I see you.