Kids are resilient. They wear their feelings and raw emotions in ways that more grown-ups could learn from.

This weekend we got a chance to celebrate some pretty amazing little people, my sweet 3 year old was one of them.

“Kiddie Cocktails & Chemo” was the brain child of one of our young cancer wives who wished there was a way to help her kids feel the connections she’s made from meeting other women who have sick husbands. Wouldn’t it be great?

So, we did it.

This weekend in Chicago 15 kids and their families joined us at Mr. Dave’s Music in Chicago for a few hours of laughing, dancing, hugging and popping bubbles at our very first Kiddie Cocktails & Chemo event. First off, the place is outstanding if any of you are in or around the Chicago area it is totally worth checking out. The space has a fresh, hipster-fun vibe full with it’s giant chevron rug and pom-pom pillows perfect for tiny humans to plop down on. Mr. Dave helped the kids play their cardboard cut out guitars and let them each bang on the drum. The moms enjoyed watching our littles get a chance to leave their worries at the door and just have fun.

Some of the kids had daddy’s in heaven and some had their daddy’s sitting besides them wearing the warrior scars left behind from cancer.

“My dad has cancer”, one of the little girls said to me with no worries or hesitation, “my dad didn’t really want to come today”, she ratted out her dad who stood there embarrassed but laughing.

That’s the beauty in kids, they say it like it is. These little people are carrying some pretty heavy loads as they watch someone they love suffer. Our event was just a few hours and it’s just what we all needed. A chance to smile, to laugh and to be around people who “get it”.

Keep a look out, because this is just the beginning.