Robert and April King are dealing with the extreme highs and lows of life all at once. They’re expecting their first born baby boy while her husband is also fighting small cell lung cancer.

The couple had been told they’d probably have a hard time conceiving, yet here they are! A beautiful baby named Caleb is due May 1st!

I read their story and have exchanged messages with April and my heart aches all over again. It’s all so similar to what my own heart has faced. She’s trying to balance her time off to be with her husband during chemotherapy and plan ahead for maternity leave when that sweet baby boy comes.

She’s excited with the process of putting strollers together but devastated by the reality of her husband’s cancer battle.

Asking for help has been so hard for the pair but I’ve watched as their spirits have been lifted knowing they aren’t alone and seeing people CLICK ON A LINK to read about their story and help where they can.

April is our Cocktails and Chemo caregiver of the month and we hope she enjoys her care package that’s on the way to her home in Austin, Texas.

April's care package!


We are so proud to know her and hope to send them some love so they can enjoy every moment with that baby.


If you’d like to help April and her husband Robert you can CLICK HERE. 


SIDENOTE: I’ve watched as caregivers we’ve helped in the past now pay it forward to our Cocktails and Chemo foundation. They’re sending items to donate to packages just months after their own husband’s death. A young mother and widow logs on and makes a financial donation to another mom to be who is on the same journey. This movement is amazing and everyday I’m reminded of my own Joe’s love and how good people in the world make bad times a little easier.